In the United States, the hair care segment generated US $13,110.00 Million in 2022. Look, AMGdiverse, a division of America Music Group LLC is selling their hair care brand URL LOOKedges for beauticians, hair care product developers, online content creators, and homestylists who enjoy helping people with controlling, stylin', and growing their edges.

Are you fantastic at teaching others how to lay their edges? Women of all colors want their edges laid, but they just don't know how. Look, here is your chance to own your own brand and TV channel that you can control called " &". This brand also can be used to create a product for edge control. This brand comes with the FREE created logos, once you purchase the URL.

 BUY LOOKEDGES.TV FOR SALE URL and brand were created for those who wish to create their own collection of movies or a movie production studio. The best movies were created between 1995-1998 in our opinion. Look up the films made in 1998. Own a piece of digital real estate when you purchase the URL 

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Dekalb County Georgia is home to the Trap Music Museum, Tupac Center For The Arts, Stone Mountain, Stonecrest Mall, and many other thriving local businesses. Dekalb County covers 10% of the city of Atlanta and is primarily a suburban county. If you're into the music scene, you've probably heard of the northeast sector of Atlanta, Decatur Georgia, area code 404, a city within Dekalb County. 


AMGdiverse creates brands and sells the URL to those brands. The company design and sells digital real estate.

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