Faced with the impending destruction of their home, this pint-sized army sets out on an epic mission to save their beloved trees by transforming into a mighty colony of Chainsaw Robot Antz.  BUY LICENSE...AVAILABLE SOON


"When two brothers on the brink of eviction hatch a desperate plan to defraud video gaming corporations by hacking arcade motherboards, they inadvertently become entangled with the New York mob. As their ill-gotten gains skyrocket, the FBI closes in, forcing the brothers to navigate a dangerous game where every move could lead to betrayal or capture.". BUY LICENSE


"a local Santa played by a comically charismatic actor, has a unique approach to gift-giving. From rubber chickens to singing fish ties, he surprises families with presents that leave them scratching their heads". License Film HERE


a fiercely determined female fox challenges societal norms and embarks on an unprecedented journey to become the first fox President of the United States. The Foxzingers. A family of foxes with a vision that defies the boundaries of the forest. License Movie Idea HERE

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Paramount Pictures Presents this classic confrontation between good and evil stars Kevin Costner as Federal Agent Elliot Ness, Robert De Niro as gangland kingpin Al Capone, Sean Connery in his winning role as Malone, the cop who teaches Ness how to beat the mob: shoot fast and shoot first. 

Features include:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Laser Disc - 119 Minutes
  • Stereo
  • 1987 Paramount Pictures

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